Born in Birmingham, England, Claire studied medicine at the Royal Free Medical School in London. After qualifying she worked mainly in South West England.

Claire became a member of the Maiden crew and competed in the 1989-90 Whitbread round the World Yacht Race, where she met her future husband NZ professional sailor Peter Warren.

In the years following the Whitbread, Claire continued to sail, travel and practice medicine eventually specialising in Accident and Emergency Medicine in the UK.

After their daughters were born in 1997 and 1999, Peter and Claire moved to New Zealand and Claire worked as a Rural General Practitioner and primary response DR, also becoming a Fellow of the New Zealand College of General Practitioners.


Dr Claire Russell is presently a senior staff doctor in an ‘Urgent Care’ centre in Hamilton, New Zealand; a facility providing 24 hour accident and medical care to the population of Waikato area.

They own a farm contacting business and Peter runs the equestrian facility they own. Their eldest daughter Jessica is in her 2nd year at Wellington University, NZ, and Leah has gained a sports Scholarship to the United States and will start in 2017.

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