1982 – Jonathon began his career in the yachting world age 17 in the Caribbean, day working on charter yachts, sailing with friends and racing whenever he could.

He continued his sailing career by working in the USA, race prepping and team managing small racing boats and campaigns.

1984 – Jonathon was involved in a near fatal traffic accident, after 6 months convalescence he joined his brother and his Drum campaign for the WRTWR. After Drum capsized he continued sailing doing deliveries and ocean racing.

1988 – He joined the Maiden project as a day worker and became part of the shore team refitting Maiden for the Whitbread. He assisted the team throughout the race and crewed on Whitbread yachts Martela OF and NCB Ireland.


Jonathon studied medicine in the UK and became an Osteopath in 1995. Post Graduate studies include; group Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy and acupuncture. He currently works as a natural DR in Southampton and London.

He is a father of three and recently a grandfather, he still sails for pleasure and races occasionally. He is a fully rated commercial Pilot and flies both rotary and fixed wing aircraft.

Next crew member

Marie Claude Kieffer
First mate and tactician for Maiden

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