Anything is Possible for Ben Fogle, as UN Environment Patron achieves life-long dream of summiting Mount Everest

UN Environment Patron of the Wilderness, Ben Fogle, today realised a life-long dream by successfully summiting the world’s
highest peak, Mount Everest.

The summit was completed just before dawn on 16th May and marks the highlight of a two-month expedition, which was made possible by Anything is Possible, a global initiative which honours the legacy of His Majesty King Hussein I, by supporting, promoting and inspiring the best in people.

Speaking from Everest, Ben Fogle commented, “It has been an extraordinary journey to achieve a childhood dream to summit Mount Everest, and so do so safely and successfully with my guide Kenton Cool, and our incredible Sherpa team including Siddhi Tamang. I also could not have done it without the support of my family, and my team-mate Victoria Pendleton. I am eternally grateful to Her Royal Highness Princess Haya and her global initiative, Anything Is Possible, for making this entire adventure possible, and providing the opportunity for us to help promote the work of the British Red Cross and my work as UN Environment Patron of the Wilderness.”

Her Royal Highness Princess Haya, congratulated Ben Fogle on his achievement, “‘Anything is Possible’ has an innate desire to discover extraordinary people and unique projects around the world that break boundaries, showing unrivalled determination and inspire future generations. By realising a life-long dream, one which many would consider to be beyond their reach or potentially impossible, Ben has lived the values of our initiative and shown that Anything really is Possible”.

In his new role as UN Environment Patron of the Wilderness and Mountain Hero, Ben ensured their climb was an ethical one, with full responsibility towards their environmental and social impact. Ben Fogle said, “my role as UN Environment Patron of the Wilderness allows me to celebrate and share the beauty of the wilderness with the world. I want to give the wilderness a voice to help highlight what we have before we lose it. As a UN Environment Mountain Hero, I have shared the adventure with people around the globe to show the magic of the Himalayas whilst also drawing attention to emerging environmental issues in mountains such as mountain litter as part UN Environment’s efforts to promote clean mountains following their Waste Management Outlook Report for Mountains.”

Ben’s guide in training and on the expedition is Kenton Cool, the world-renowned mountaineer and adventurer. Ben has faced physical and psychological challenges including his fear of heights to summit this epic mountain. Throughout their extensive training and preparation in Nepal, in the Alps and in the Bolivian Andes, Ben was accompanied by double Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton CBE. Unfortunately, due to acclimatisation factors beyond her control, Victoria had to leave the expedition before the attempt on the summit.Ben will return to the UK shortly and he and Victoria will continue to support the work of the British Red Cross.

Mike Adamson, Chief Executive of the British Red Cross, said: “We are delighted, overjoyed and overwhelmed with gratitude that Ben Fogle has conquered Everest. All of us at the British Red Cross send Ben our heartfelt congratulations, wish him all the best and look forward to welcoming him home. He has managed an extraordinary feat and we are honoured to be part of his effort.”

The expedition has been captured exclusively by CNN International as a film crew accompanied them throughout the preparations, charting the arduous challenge from the trek to basecamp, acclimatisation period, chronicling the journey to the summit, followed by the return to the UK. The documentary, The Challenge: Everest, will air on CNN International in two parts from 30th June and 7th July.

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