With faith,
honour and courage,
anything is possible

HM King Hussein I
1935 - 1999


Anything is Possible is a global initiative, honouring the legacy of HM King Hussein I,
which will support, promote and inspire the best in people.

About anything is possible

In 2017,
HRH Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein had a bold idea to set up a global initiative in memory of HM King Hussein I,
‘Anything is Possible’.

This initiative is dedicated to my father who instilled in so many, that with belief, you can overcome obstacles, overcome fears and overcome the unthinkable by sheer determination, humility and courage, proving ‘Anything is Possible’.

Take a look at our projects

“When I look back at my father’s life I am always inspired by his ability to attempt anything and everything.”

“From racing cars to flying planes, whilst keeping his feet firmly on the ground as an avid Radio ham enthusiast, he is certainly the grounding that has given me and my family such strength and stability. I hope the ‘Anything Is Possible’ initiative will shine a light on those who have faced a challenge head on and have attempted the impossible. I know he would have been the first to applaud and encourage a whole new generation to dig deep to push their own boundaries for the greater good.”

HRH Prince Ali bin Hussein

Our vision

Born from the values and vision of
HM King Hussein I, ‘Anything is Possible’ has an innate desire to discover extraordinary people and unique projects around the world that break boundaries, showing unrivalled determination and inspire future generations.

When no one believed in Tracy Edwards and her Maiden dream 30 years ago, the only person who supported her was HM King Hussein I.

The Maiden Factor